Traditional Medicine Versus Modern Medicine – Why is the War Still On?

In today’s world, everyone has time to make any topic a popular topic. Anything that can occupy people’s attention will become popular; online betting and gambling have become very popular, and there are a lot of websites that offer gambling and betting bonuses, like the LVbet bonus code. Medicine is often talked about, simply because people still get sick and some even die from various illnesses. Medicine is also a topic because there is a lot of money in the pharmaceutical industry. Wherever there is a lot of money to be earned, a lot of controversy will spring up, one way or another. So, how does the world deal with this? With constant arguments, of course. One of the main topics of dispute is modern medicine versus traditional medicine. But why are they still at war? Haven’t we concluded that both are useful in their own way? Well, yes, but depending on who you ask, here are reasons which should benefit both sides.

Traditional Medicine is Not Toxic and Takes Care of the Body, Mind and Nature

Traditional medicine is based on plants and stuff we can find in nature. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it had trouble solving now simple issues like bacterial infections. The chicken pox, for example, cannot be treated by using plants, but rather, with a vaccine or medicine, should it actually manifest in the human body. 

Yet, people will insist that traditional medicine is much better than modern medicine, because it is not after your wallet, but rather, it wants to make you better. This is untrue, because there are plenty of herb-based products being sold which do not make miracles happen, but rather, they empty wallets and give false hope. 

Yet, traditional medicine has its bright moments, which are in fact, symptom relief of many diseases, as well as providing a solid base for more modern cures to be created. There is nothing better than a soothing cup of tea.

Modern Medicine – The Know it All Solution

When talked about, modern medicine comes out as this omnipotent solution to all our problems. People still get hurt and modern medicine cannot help them, whether physical injuries, mental disorders or various diseases. 

Modern medicine does make a lot of things easier, from headaches, muscle soreness, nausea, delivery pain, to complex things like infectious diseases. Vaccines keep saving lives every single time a child is vaccinated, and an adult, as well. Modern medicine also makes things easier for people, which isn’t always a good thing. Taking medicine as soon as you get a bit of a temperature increase, not to mention a headache, might be a bit too much. This is where some doctors recommend patients to try natural remedies or to wait it out, staying hydrated in the process.

Traditional and Modern – Both Should Exist

Traditional medicine still has a place in the world, especially as a part of daily nutrition. Using healthy plants as a part of your nutrition is recommended. Yet, if things get a bit too difficult, modern medicine has a solution. If it doesn’t, then no amount of essential oils or herbs will help you. Taking things one at a time is recommended. Not swallowing pills at the first sign of trouble is good. Drinking herbal drinks, based on various plants, or rather, tea, is also recommended. Both types of medicine should exist, and should be used, but cautiously. Even though people love stirring up drama and “wars”, medicine has no time for that, and neither does the health of many people.