The Newest Developments in the World of Medicine

The world is changing, most often through the use of technology. We all like technology and we use it daily to communicate, to see one another, hear one another and play games with one another.

However, technology primarily serves other purposes, that of the country, often the military, and then research and medicine. Medicinal technology is really important, which we have come to know due to our exposure to a virus, currently still plaguing the world. 

The newest developments in medicine save lives and help make lives better. Here are some medical innovations which everybody should know about.

Smartmakers – Smart Pacemakers

Having diseases and disorders that have to do with the heart, and not the emotional kind, can put a lot of pressure on people and make their lives worse. Pacemakers are great, and they have saved and made a lot of lives better. However, as technology advances, we have come to a point when smart pacemakers have been invented. 

These pacemakers transmit data to the doctors, but also to the patients’ smartphones, enabling the patients to better understand what is going on, their treatment, and the outcomes when the parameters of the device are changed.

Hepatitis C – Universal Treatments

Hepatitis C is a very nasty virus that attacks the liver and is obtained through contact with an infected person’s blood. It used to be a more common STD but is nowadays more often obtained through needle sharing. 

Hepatitis C did not have universal treatments, but rather a combination of medications that would ease some symptoms and work only on some genotypes of the disease. There are usually side effects involved. There is a new combination of drugs that has an over 90% success rate of treating Hepatitis C types 1 through 6. This is great progress and one that should be telling of the eventual Hepatitis C vaccine.

Postpartum Haemorrhage Treatment

Hemorrhages are unpleasant, to say the least, and for most women, postpartum hemorrhage does not happen. For the 5% affected ones, the treatments were lengthy and problematic, and in some cases may lead to infertility due to a need for a hysterectomy. 

A new treatment has been introduced, one which includes a vacuum tampon, basically. It uses negative pressure to make the muscle close its blood cells and thus stop the bleeding. It is a pretty rudimentary device, but an ingenious one because it is far from unpleasant and very effective.

Distance Medicine

With the global pandemic on our hands, there was an increase in medicine over a long distance, or rather, telemedicine. With that in mind, people were able to be diagnosed from home, using the internet or television. Information about health should be free and distributed using as much media as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic helped accelerate health information distribution.

The world of medicine also uses technology and it is evolving and implementing new inventions to save lives and make them better. These were some of the newest technological inventions in medicine.