The Most Terrible Addictions

Many people have hobbies and things they love, be it reading, cooking, or using the Jackpot City Bonus Code and visiting an online casino to spend some free time and enjoy themselves. However, there are some people who take things a bit too seriously. Do you remember when it was the last time you couldn’t part with something? For some people, that is a terrible reality and it consumes their lives, sometimes physically, at other times, on a more social level, which can then translate to physical. The world is full of strange addictions, none of which are pretty, from video games to love, even. Here are the world’s most difficult addictions, difficult to get rid of, among other things.


Heroin is a drug, or rather, opioid, which is sometimes used in medical treatment, as a replacement to other opiods, but more often than not, recreationally. It is administered intravenously, sometimes inhaled, snorted or smoked. People mostly use it to the euphoric effect it has on them.

Heroin withdrawal is one of the worst ones of them all. It is very inconsistent and people can have varying symptoms, which is why it can be really dangerous. Heroin withdrawal is treated with methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone, all of which are opioids which affect the body a bit differently.

Drugs like valium, morphine and others are also very dangerous, like most opioids. 


Cocaine is a drug which acts as a very strong stimulant. It can cause euphoria, anxiety in some people and a loss of touch with reality. It is often snorted, or it can be inhaled or given intravenously. What is interesting is that only 10% of people who were addicted to cocaine continued to be addicted. Why most people quit their addictions is puzzling to many scientists, but most assume that it is due to not being able to financially support such an addiction. Jean Claude Van Damme, for example, was addicted to cocaine, during the peak of his career, and even he quit his addiction, mostly due to health reasons, than financial ones.


Alcohol is the addiction everyone talks about, almost all the time. There are so many support groups for alcohol addicts, not to mention all the information available offline and online. Alcohol has a varying effect on people, mostly euphoria and a sense of relief. Some people take it to feel what they cannot feel without it. Some people use it to get over their anxiety or reach certain levels of inspiration, artists especially. It is one of the hardest addictions to quit, simply because that euphoric state quickly becomes a part of one’s life, a state people believe they cannot reach without alcohol.


Cigarettes are probably the hardest addiction to quit, or are tied with heroin, depending on who you ask. There are far more people addicted to smoking than there are to heroin. If you go to your local store, especially those with quick access to the streets, you will see many packs of cigarettes being sold. Nicotine is highly addictive and nicotine withdrawal can be a really tricky thing to get through. Some people turn to carbohydrates or even worse, sugars, because they produce a similar reaction in the body.

These are some of the most terrible addictions people can experience, with others like gambling, fast food, shopping, social media, as well as emotions (especially extreme ones like love), being close to the top. Be mindful of how much of something you consume, physically or mentally.