Stress – Causes and Effects

People deal with stressful situations every single day. For some, stress triggers can even be some unimportant things, such as failing to obtain a Starburst free spins no deposit in time. Some struggle to find out how and why, what is stressing them out. Whether it is the idea of being outside alone, or rather, the fact that you never dealt with an issue which caused that fearful thought, which is now a constant source of stress, is just one of many reasons as to why stress is here with us. But, what actually causes stress? What is the science behind it? What about its effects on our bodies? Everyone hears about the bad effects of stress, but to which extent does it actually harm us? Here is a detailed look at stress.

The Causes of Stress

Stress is your body’s response to a critical situation, one which may be life threatening. Your body releases hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, which enhance your focus, reflexes, and even provide you with extra strength and stamina should you need it in the case of a physical danger.

Stress, however, is nowadays caused by various situations which are often not life threatening. Your boss hovering over you, giving you impossible deadlines, could be a cause of stress. A family illness, or elderly parents which need taking care of could also be an issue. Having multiple roles in life, such as a partner, lover, caretaker, parent, friend and especially doing them all at once, or within a small time limit, can be stressful. People around you who are annoying, like family, can also be stressful, especially when they are healthy and full of stress-inducing energy. Our bodies aren’t good at distinguishing whether a physical or emotional situation is a reason to release hormones which are supposed to help us defend from a raging tiger (or to run away from it), so stress can be anything from crossing a very busy street to holding a speech in front of 10 people or less. The effects of stress are various, but almost none of them are good.

The Effects of Stress

People talk about the bad effects of stress and most of them are true. Stress affects us in ways which can lead to our brains starting to work differently, for example, developing anxieties for various situations which there is no reason to be anxious about. Among other things, too much stress can lead to mental disorders, physical pain, as well as emotional, sleep problems, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, stomach problems, cognitive problems, potency problems, weight and skin problems.

There are symptoms which show that we are over stressed, like being overly negative, having memory problems, being moody, lonely, overwhelmed, being in constant pain, having diarrhea, and many more, cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral.

Dealing with stress is very important. One of the best things to do is always keep moving. Being active, physically and mentally, will help you find new ways of dealing with stress, as well as becoming better at whatever it is that you are doing. Rest, eat properly, socialize, above all. Talk about your problems and let them pour out, sometimes over a pint of beer, if needed. Stress can be dangerous, but life can be beautiful. The choice should be easy.