International Childhood Cancer Day – February 15th 2020

There is nothing worse than a parent losing a child. To this day, the worst experience for most people has been losing a child. There is almost nothing which can numb that pain or make the memory of it go away. Children die, as well as adults, whether in accidents or due to a disease. Accidents can be somewhat prevented by educating everyone on time and making sure that everyone does their best to make our world a less surprising place, in the most negative of ways.

Illnesses, however, can take people by surprise. Children, teenagers, adolescents, they can all contract various illnesses and lose their lives without even getting the chance to live it. Cancer is one of those diseases which has its toll on the population, 20% of children all over the world with cancer die. In order to raise awareness and promote physical health and better care, the International Childhood Cancer Day was created, and it takes place on February 15th, every year.

International Childhood Cancer Day – Origins

With so much talk about cancer, people have started taking steps to prevent it, or rather, diagnose it as early as possible. In children, cancer takes a special toll due to the emotional and physical stress it causes the parents. In underdeveloped countries, children with cancer tend to die in the most horrible and painful ways, because there are no options for care, let alone treatment.

This is why the ICCD was created, by a group of very concerned parents, in 2002. Their symbol, the Gold Ribbon, created in 1997, is there to remind everyone of the heroes of this world, the ones fighting for the children, as well as of the children themselves, who might be in danger without even knowing it.

The Childhood Cancer International is the largest global cancer foundation for pediatric cancer and is also the organization behind the ICCD, the one of many which supports it. Their goals are to create less toxic treatments for children, especially promoting diagnosis and early discoveries.

How to Combat Child Cancer

Prevention is the best cure, it is often said. For cancer in children and adolescents, regular visits to the doctors, to get a proper early diagnosis. If a child should be diagnosed, then they have a right to proper treatment and care, using proper medications, especially less toxic ones. Children should also have the right to post cancer care, recovery and better livelihood. For those 20% who cannot be treated, the CCI stands behind the belief that they should get a death without pain.

In order to avoid complications and to get a proper diagnosis, regular visits to a doctor, or specialized clinics are recommended. 

Cancer in children is one of the most complicated diseases that the children themselves have to deal with, as well as their families. Adults who were cancer survivors in their youth have an increased chance to develop a heart condition, liver or kidney conditions, as well. Every February 15th, think of your children, or that of everyone around you.