How Playing Tennis Makes Your Heart Healthier

Sports are popular. Some people prefer playing sports on their own, like various esports titles which you can play in the comfort of your home, while others love sports like football, where you try your best against 11 other players, with 10 more on your team. Even people who don’t play sports have a way to stay involved – they follow every single game they are interested in, complete their Bet9ja Registration and have fun placing bets online. Participation sports are very interesting, especially ones where you compete against a single opponent. Tennis is such a sport, at least the singles category. Tennis can do many things for a person, from giving them the ability to compete against other people in the world, to becoming number 1 and living the life of a superstar athlete. Did you know that it is also very beneficial for your heart? How can tennis help our hearts? Just like almost any other exercise, except that tennis has its own perks.

General Fitness Levels Are Improved with Tennis

Tennis is not a sport for the lazy or those who prefer slow and thoughtful moves. Tennis is all about being there in the moment, hitting the ball hard, with precision and spin, and outsmarting your opponent, while at the same time predicting their next move. It takes a lot of physical effort, but a lot of mental effort, as well. How does one’s heart benefit from this?

Tennis requires a lot of lower body and upper body strength. An average tennis match can last anywhere from an hour to over five hours. During this time, you will have run at least 5 kilometers, and done plenty of anaerobic exercise. The latter is good for expanding your lung capacity and stimulating muscle growth and strength. But, during all that time, you will have worked your heart as well. This is great, because if the heart has more exercise, it becomes stronger and it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Your general fitness will also improve, meaning less body fat, a better physique, more confidence, better circulation, and all other things which come with regular exercise.

Maximum Heart Rate and Heart Growth

What, the heart can grow? Yes, just like any muscle, the heart can be enlarged. This is called the athlete’s heart, which is a syndrome associated with people who frequently train their heart and achieve maximum heart rate. This means that the resting heart rate will be dramatically lowered and that the heart will become larger. This is great because a stronger muscle will last you longer, especially because it doesn’t have to work as hard while you are not working as hard.

Decreased Risk of Heart Diseases

This is a very important benefit of tennis, because nobody wants cardiovascular diseases. Lowering the risk of such diseases is what plenty of sports can do for you, but tennis does it better, because it combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, the first training your heart for endurance runs, the second training it for high performance, short burst runs, both supplementing one another and creating a stronger, more resilient muscle.

Tennis is one of those sports which does a lot for our bodies. Besides physical conditioning and the emotional and mental exercise, the feeling of accomplishment and competition, tennis also benefits our hearts, in the literal sense. From creating a stronger and more resilient muscle to actually increasing its size, tennis makes our world better.