Herbal Drug Abuse – Legal Herbal Drugs Being Abused

Medicine sometimes doesn’t cut it. When people here that a medicine has been made from purely synthetic sources, they will shy away from it. Some will not shy away, but rather run away while yelling profanity. Believing that herbal medicine and drugs are the way to go is, like any exclusive way of thinking, flawed. Whether you are pro synthetic drugs or pro herbal drugs, if you are exclusive, you are limiting the ways you can be treated, and forcing one way to which your body might adapt, as well as the illnesses. 

That doesn’t stop some people from abusing herbal drugs or those based on herbs. This constitutes a minority of people – most people prefer nicer ways to spend their free time and have fun, like hanging out with friends, or betting online with Winmasters bonus de bun venit. Still, a small number of people choose to abuse drugs. Here are a couple of legal drugs which people often abuse.

Cannabis – Marijuana

This is legal in some countries of the world, so people who have waited to smoke some marijuana without having to hide from their parents or local law enforcement are now finally out there, enjoying their time. But, what happens when you start consuming too much and get addicted? Very rarely do people smoke marijuana on its own, and often with cigarette particles, meaning tobacco. Tobacco can cause addiction, but so can marijuana. The addiction comes not from an active substance, but rather the user’s own response to the drug. If they have a positive experience and have been relaxed by the drug, they will continue to use it. Too much cannabis can lead to various mental issues, like paranoia and psychosis. It can also lead to shaking, tremors, vomiting, nausea and various other problems like a dry mouth. 

Tobacco – The Leading Legal Drug

Tobacco doesn’t have many psychoactive effects on the human body, but it causes severe addiction and is legal in most countries of the world. There is an estimate that about 1,1 million people smoke, on the entire planet.

Now, not all people smoke cigarettes, some prefer chewing or snorting tobacco, but it all ends up having the same effect, addiction. Tobacco is made from a plant, from the nicotiana genus, a part of a larger family of plants, often called nightshade (which is highly toxic). There are many active substances in tobacco which are bad for the human body, like nicotine, which comes from the tobacco plant, and many more, which come from smoking a cigarette, like cadmium, cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, nickel, nitrosamines, phenols, and many more. 

Ellura – Cranberries Turned Medicine

Cranberries have a positive effect on the human body in many cases, yet, when turned into Ellura, a type of medicine made from cranberry fruits and juices, it becomes something different. They are believed to treat urinary infections, yet, they can be very dangerous. For starters, they are not scientifically proven to treat anything and are not even FDA approved. There are various ellura supplements out there, but you should be careful taking them, especially if you are pregnant or nursing a child. You should also avoid them if you had or have diabetes, liver disorders, kidney stones, or an allergy to aspirin. A misuse of a herbal product could mean many problems, in some cases, death, even.

While herbal products and medicine are often legal, it does not mean that they are not abused. Be careful if you plan on taking any herbal medication, especially if you are self-diagnosed.