Diets with Yo-Yo Effects – Avoid These Popular Diets

Everyone wants to get healthy, right? But more often than not, people are very impatient. This leads to people trying out various diets in hopes of losing fat, or rather, weight, which in most cases means losing fat, right? Somewhat right, but not always, definitely. Diets work, because they are called that, right? For something to be named a diet, it has to have an effect of weight loss. But, there are caveats. Diets are exclusionary, meaning you have to give up certain foods, some of them make you give up or minimalize macronutrients, which can be very bad.

Coined by Kelly D. Brownell, a clinical psychologist who has done a lot of work on obesity and nutrition, the term yo-yo dieting is a very dangerous one. It describes people who follow a certain diet, lose weight, and then get back on their standard food training, bouncing back and gaining all the weight they lost, sometimes even more. This is very bad for our bodies, and should be avoided at all costs. Which diets are not yo yo diets? Well, the only ones you can sustainably follow until the day you die.

Dieting – The Very Concept is Somewhat Flawed

Dieting often means following a certain regime of eating or not eating, in some cases, to accomplish a goal of weight loss, usually. Some people change their diets in order to gain weight, called bulking, especially in the world of fitness. Then, they would drastically change their nutrition to start cutting, meaning losing fat and staying the same weight. Bouncing your weight around is not a good idea, especially because with that, you may experience many health issues. How does one avoid this? 

By eating sustainably. You should change your nutrition (take note, not a diet), in order to satisfy your goals, but still be able to sustain it for however long you want. 

Nutrition – What You Should Be Focusing On

All diets can be dangerous if they are not sustainable, especially for you as an individual. Some people can live with plenty of carbohydrates, like vegans, their food sources primarily containing more carbohydrates than other macronutrients, while others need larger doses of protein or even healthy fats in order to feel full. What does this mean for you? Well, you should try different foods to see which leave you full, and which just tickle your sensors but do nothing for your body (a hint, all processed foods, especially those loaded with sugar). 

Any diet can be dangerous, whether keto or paleo, or whichever one you choose, if it’s not sustainable and you end up bouncing up and down on the scale. Choose your nutrition and make sure that you can do it forever, because that is what will leave you healthier.