Common Beliefs and Myths about Synthetic Versus Herbal Drugs

The world is full of stories that people love listening to and more often than not, believing. People will hear stories from their mothers or grandparents, even, and will never bother to fact check them, ending up with various ludicrous ideas like not vaccinating their children, which often ends up with the said children suffering from a disease which was effectively eradicated and which humans haven’t suffered from in over a century. This issue is even greater now that we can all be connected through the internet – do not get me wrong, the internet has brought us many amazing things including VR, video calls, the ability to find betting bonus offers in a few clicks, etc. But it has also enabled people to share their opinions with the world, no matter whether they are correct or not. There are plenty of myths surrounding synthetic drugs and herbal drugs, some of which are completely untrue. Here are the most common ones, as well as the answers to whether they are true or false.

Herbal Drugs Are Better Because They Are Natural

This is one of the worst misconceptions people have when thinking about drugs. Some drugs, produced naturally, or occurring in nature, are always better than synthetic drugs and are therefore, superior and should always be considered as a healthy alternative to synthetic drugs.

Guess what, nature doesn’t have the answer to everything, otherwise, people would have not died from tuberculosis or various other diseases and bacteria which were basically put to rest with vaccines and penicillin. Natural remedies can be good for you, but they are often not as specific in their target as synthetic medicines are. But, have in mind that some medicines can have side effects, especially in rather large doses. Antibiotics are some of those medicines, which often upset the stomach flora and people end up having an upset stomach or diarrhea. Herbal medicine might help in this regard, but it is always best to see your doctor and get properly diagnosed. 

Herbs Have No Effect and are Just Mumbo Jumbo

This is also a very false myth. Herbs can be quite effective. Take a bunch of cannabis and see whether it has no effect on you. You can also try to eat certain mushrooms or gingko and see for yourself, first hand, the effects herbs can have on us. Well, mushrooms are fungi, but are still a part of the holistic, herbal therapy, being natural as they are. Herbs are frequently used as sedative or pain relievers, not to mention that specific herbs have a very definite effect on various symptoms for various diseases. 

Synthetic Medicine is Evil and Should Be Avoided

This is another very dangerous misconception. People who are natural and shy away from over the counter medicines often end up with more pain than necessary, or in case of an infection, a very worse time, a longer period of sickness, or even the chance of infecting more people. Synthetic drugs are here with a purpose and while most pharmaceutical companies want to profit first and cure people second, that doesn’t take away from the medicine’s efficiency. 

These are the common myths regarding synthetic drugs versus herbal medicine. Myths can be dangerous, so be sure to consult a medical professional before jumping to any conclusion. There are plenty of sources online, so be sure to filter them, because not all are accurate.