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We are thankful the hard work and dedication of our committee members. All members are invited to participate in a DHPE committee. Please contact us if you are interested.


Executive Committee

Exercises all powers and has such authority and responsibilities of the Board when the Board is not in session and cultivates and identifies new leadership within the Association.

Heather Borski (UT), Chair
Vacant, Chair-Elect
Chuck Thayer (WV), Past Chair
Debi Nelson (NC), Secretary
Vacant, Treasurer
Susan Goekler, Executive Director (ex-officio)

Nominating Committee
Conducts the annual nomination process for officers and directors-at-large.

Chuck Thayer (WV), Immediate Past Chair
Margaret Murphy (NH, Voting, Member-At-Large)
Paula Clayton (KS, Voting)
Lavell Thornton (SC, Voting)
Kathy Payne (OK, associate)
Matthew Valliere (LA, associate)
Staff: Susan Goekler

Health Policy Committee

Solicits and prepares resolutions, recommendations and policy position papers, and submits such items to the Board of Directors for appropriate action

Karen Girard (OR), Committee Chair
Heather Borski (UT, ex-officio)
Paula Clayton (KS)
Amanda James (OK)
Michael Jones (MS, associate)
Mary Martinasek (FL, associate)
Debi Nelson (NC)
Sonja Schriever (ID)
Lavell Thornton (SC)
Staff: Susan Goekler, Donna Nichols

Governance Committee
Reviews the bylaws, the policies and procedures of the Association, and the charters and operations of the various committees of the Association and makes recommendations regarding such documents and committees to the Board of Directors.

Victor Sutton (MS), Committee Chair
Luci Longoria (OR)
Patty Moore (TX), board member
Margaret Murphy (NH), board member
Danette Wong Tomiyasu (HI)
Staff: Susan Goekler

Finance and Audit Committee
Coordinates the required audit and review and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the financial and administrative procedures of the Association.

Fred Breukelman (DE), Committee Chair
Heather Borski (UT, ex-officio)
Shonta Chambers (GA)
Vacant, Treasurer
Jim  McVay (AL)
Staff: Susan Goekler, Roosevelt Dzime-Assison

Membership Committee
Suggests changes to membership recruitment, retention and renewal policies and practices; supports their implementation; recommends criteria for membership; and in collaboration with the Finance and Audit Committee recommends dues structures

Lavell Thornton (SC) - Committee Chair
Claudette Andrea (GA, associate)
Patty Moore (TX)
Lia Baroody (NH)
Shonta Chambers (GA)
Ayesha Smith (NY, associate)
Susan Goekler (ex-officio)
Staff: Doreleena Sammons-Hackett, Rhonda Britton

Annual Conference Planning Committee
Works with Association staff to plan the Association's annual conference, including the annual business meeting. Solicits nominations for DHPE awards, reviews applications and makes recommendations to the DHPE Board for recipients.
Danielle Kenneweg (WA), Committee Chair
Kristen Aird (OR, associate)
Chip Allen (OH, associate)
Kristen Hernandez (LA, associate)
Ericka Johnson (OK, associate)
Mary Martinasek (FL, associate)
Holly Mata (TX, associate)
Staff: Susan Goekler, Doreleena Sammons-Hackett, Rhonda Britton



Health Equity Committee

Provides guidance for addressing health equity at the national level, including identifying initiatives that address social determinants of health and health equity; assists with identifying members and strategic partnerships for DHPE to build and expand its work in health equity; and provides guidance to the Minority Internship/Fellowship Program

Chip Allen (OH), Chair 
Gina DeLuca (RI)
Michael Jones (MS)
Barry Sharp (TX)
Patty Moore (TX)
Margaret Murphy (NH)
Letitia Presley-Cantrell (CDC)
Victor Sutton (MS)
Khosrow Heidari (SC, associate)
Staff: Steve Owens, Liz Traore, Thometta Cozart

School Health Committee
Provides guidance to the three primary initiatives for school health programs: 1.) School Employee Wellness, 2.) Shaping Policy for Health training of state based trainers for school community teams, and 3.) Capacity Building Assistance for states to enact and implement policies which support school health. In addition, works on developing new initiatives that bring DHPE’s perspective to school health programs, including an emphasis on health equity

Helen Weir (AR, chair) 
Linda Krantz (MT, associate)
Tomas Aguilar (PA)
Nancy Berger (CT, associate) 
Gina Deluca (RI)
Rachel Duerr (CO, associate)
Amanda James (OK)
Ericka Johnson (OK, associate)
Mary Martinasek (FL, associate)
Kate Nault (MI)
Staff: Susan Goekler
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